Hi my name is Jalina and welcome to Victory Rose! 

Victory Rose was originally created to fundraise for my first mission trip to Kenya in 2018. I purchased shirts and hats to sell to help fundraise for my trip and it was super successful. While fundraising, God gave me a vision of starting my own shop and even gave me the name Victory Rose. After I came back from my trip, I was super discouraged from starting an actual shop and gave up. But as I began to fundraise for my trip back to Kenya in 2019, the dream God had given me was ignited again and Victory Rose became official!

Victory Rose is a reference to Jesus rising from the dead. What looked like a total loss on a Friday, was a victory on a Sunday. Jesus was victorious and because Jesus lives in us, we too are victorious. Jesus has taken so many things in my life that looked like a total loss and turned it into my victory for His glory. I pray these products will be a reminder of the victory you have in Jesus. I pray that as you walk in victory, you will inspire others to walk in their own victory. I pray you would partner with me in helping spread the good news that Jesus died for us, and He rose up in victory to give us victory and eternal life.


 Jessica Susana Photography